Sunday, December 4, 2022

Things To See in Arizona


The state of Arizona has much to offer a visitor so I thought I'd take a spin around the state and point out the places that are great to visit.  I'll start in the northern half of the state and the obvious first choice is The Grand Canyon.  You can see more of this magnificent place here and here.  

After visiting the Grand Canyon, make a stop at Bearizona, the drive-through, wild animal park.  The bears roam freely along with some buffalo, wolves and bobcats.  It's a great place to see bears up close while you are safe in your car.

Another interesting spot in the northern half of the sate is Montezuma Castle National Monument.  Just a very short walk from the visitor center and you are transported to the 11th century.  The sight of this cliff dwelling will take your breath away.

Not far from Montezuma's Castle is Sedona Arizona and the spectacular red rocks that cradle the city.  The  mountains and rocks around Sedona create a red-hued vista that is well worth seeing.

While you are in the Sedona area, take in the wine growing regions around Cottonwood and Page Springs.  

After trying some wine and admiring the vineyards, you might want to stop at Out of Africa Wildlife Park.  It's a different kind of zoo where you can get close to the animals and even kiss a friendly giraffe if you want.  

Just to the east of the Phoenix area is the town of Fountain Hills where the centerpiece of town is one of the tallest fountains in the world.  The fountain sprays water high into the sky for fifteen minutes on the hour.  If the wind is blowing, you can feel the spray as you stand on the shore of the lake.

South of the Phoenix area, another interesting stop is Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  It's the site of another ancient civilization that occupied this desert region and built this four-story complex.  They also built canals to bring water to the area.

Continuing south past the city of Tucson, a stop to see the San Xavier del Bac Mission is always a fascinating experience.  The mission was completed in 1797 and still operates as a church to this day.

A little further south is the ruins of another mission at Tumacacori National Historic Park.  This was another beautiful mission in the desert and although it is in ruins today, it is still worth some explorations.

If you are in the mood for some old-west entertainment, stop at Tombstone Arizona, the town too tough to die.  You can witness a gunfight at the OK Corral, take a ride in a stagecoach, or have a refreshing drink at the local saloon.  

My last stop on this tour of Arizona is the old mining town of Bisbee.  Bisbee is located almost to the border with Mexico and what was once a rowdy mining town is now a place full of artists and galleries and restaurants.  You can even stay at a haunted hotel in this town.

This is just a short tour of a few of the things worth seeing in Arizona.  The state offers so much more to explore.  


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Thank you for another wonderful tour!

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Wow so much to see, thank you for the mini tour.

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