Sunday, July 23, 2017

Where the Bears Are

I had been hearing a lot about this new place in northern Arizona that opened back in 2010 called Bearizona so I decided it was about time I checked it out form myself.

The place functions as a drive-through wildlife park with over 160 acres of land and a variety of animals along with the bears.

Visitors drive their own vehicles through the grounds to view the animals or if they prefer, they can board a bus with a guide to take them through.

I drove my car through as did almost everyone else who was there at the same time.  While within the sections reserved for bears, vehicle windows must be kept rolled up at all times.  So excuse the quality of some of the bear photos, they had to be taken through the car windows.

Visitors are told that if a bear begins to approach the vehicle to please move on.  It seems that some of the bears have decided that climbing on cars is good exercise.  This one was too busy taking a nap to climb on cars.

In fact, while I was there, none of the bears seemed very interested in the slow moving cars that were quietly rolling along the roads.

It was a very warm day so this handsome fellow decided that taking a nap in his tank of water would be a good way to cool down.

Other drive-through sections contained buffalo and white buffalo and there were mountain goats and big horn sheep too.

In addition to the drive-through section, there is also a walk through area with large enclosures for some of the smaller animals.  I think the bobcat was my favorite in this area because it so obligingly posed for me.

This hat wearing bear seems to have slipped from his enclosure but, no one seemed to be too concerned.

On the way out, I saw that the obligatory "selfie" station was being well used.  In fact, there was a line of people waiting for their turn.  It was an enjoyable experience and a good way to view the wildlife in very natural surroundings.


Judy Ryer said...

It's fun to go there. Did you see the wolf? When we went, the wolves came up to the car and looked in at us.

bill burke said...

An interesting place. Its nice to see the bear cooling off in the tub, must be hot for him. Nice photos, Sharon.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'm glad you kept your windows up Sharon, some of those bears were big 😀 Hard to imagine how hot it must be when wearing a bear cost!

William Kendall said...

There is a similar operation in southern Ontario, a drive through zoo. The bobcat really is commanding.

Catalyst said...

When I was a little kid we made a trip that included Yellowstone Park. I remember my dad getting out of the car to take pictures of the bears. My mother was terrified but he was bigger than the bears and they kept their distance most of the time.

Thérèse said...

The one taking a nap in the tank is my favorite...