Sunday, June 9, 2024

Venus, Goddess of Love

 Here is a beautiful statue of Venus, the goddess of love.  It resides at the British Museum in London and it caught my eye because it just seemed too perfect to be ancient.

The statue was discovered by an artist, Gavin Hamilton in 1775 in Ostia near Rome. The description says that at that time, buyers of ancient statues preferred them to be in tact so missing parts were carved by artists and added. On this statue, the arms were restored.  

16th century artists performed a little surgical correction on a 1st century piece of art.  Fascinating.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

London's Clocks, part 2


Old world clocks can be found on many of London's buildings.  This one has a few modern things attached to it.  This looks like a good place to hang a few CCTV cameras.

This one has a very shiny owl sitting atop it.

This one appears to have some musical accompaniment when it strikes the hour.

This one sits in the courtyard of a London Hotel.  The ship at the top is nice touch.  

Clocks hang from all sorts of buildings. Some tell you the name of the building like in the photo above.

Others add a bit of color and style to the buildings they are attached to.  

I enjoy finding beauties like these.