Sunday, February 27, 2022

Scenes from Utah


The state of Utah is located just north of Arizona and like Arizona it has a variety of beautiful landscapes to enjoy.  Above is Checkerboard Mountain located inside Zions National Park.

All of these  photos are scanned from prints taken years ago.  Some didn't scan all that well but this one turned out perfect.  This photo was taken at a lake by a campground.  There was a great sunset that night.

Another beautiful spot in Utah is Bryce Canyon National Park.  This is a spectacular place full of crimson rock formations called hoodoos.  The formations roll out in front of you as far as the eye can see.

In Salt Lake City, many people stop to visit the grounds of the headquarters for the Mormon Church.  The temple is the center piece of formal grounds.

This last photo comes from a small town in southern Utah called Cedar City.  This little town is home to the Utah Shakespeare Festival with a series of plays running all summer long.  I used to go every year but I haven't been in quite a while.  The productions are always top notch.  

The state of Utah has a lot to offer the visitor.  

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Florence, An Old West Town


Living in Arizona gives me the opportunity to visit some towns that hold on to their "old west" heritage and style.  One such town is Florence Arizona.  It's located about half way between Phoenix and Tucson and I often stop there when I drive that way.  I posted about Florence a few years ago when I told a more detailed story about the town.  (check the link to see that post) Today I thought I'd share some photos of some of the historic old buildings that can be found there.  I'm starting with a photo of the clock tower atop the Pinal County Courthouse.

Above is one of the many old adobe buildings located in the town.  This one has a stucco covering and a rustic look.

To the left is small church.

This building looks like it's been standing here for a very long time.  The last time I drove through Florence it looked like someone was doing a little restoration work here but it hadn't gotten very far yet.

This one is painted and decorated in a very western way.  I see those old wagon wheels used in a variety of ways.  Here they seem to be framing the entrance.

The covered sidewalks on Main Street help to retain that old west look.  

Here is another "fixer-upper".  On this one you can see the stucco has crumbled away exposing those adobe bricks.

I've lived in Arizona for over 50 years and this town seems to never change.  Yes, you can find a McDonald's and other modern day businesses but the heart of the town has stayed the same.  If you like historic places, you will enjoy a visit here.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Art People


When you hear the term "art people", you might be thinking of collectors or gallery owners.  Matthew Rolston is giving us a totally different point of view.

The city of Laguna Beach California is known as a very active arts community.  Every summer they host a Festival of the Arts event that draws tourists, collectors and arts lovers from all over the world.  They also host a summer-long show called "Pageant of the Masters".  The show is described as tableaux vivants (living pictures)  living recreations of classical and contemporary art pieces. This includes real people posing as people found in famous paintings and sculptures.  It's an amazing show. 

This event has been taking place in Laguna Beach since the 1930's with people from the community planning and executing the production every year.  

When I visited the Laguna Beach Art Museum last summer, there was a special exhibit of photos taken by Matthew Rolston.  With the permission of the show's executives and the many volunteers who participate, he photographed the performers, not the performance.  

He captured the people with their incredible make-up necessary to make them perfectly recreate the art work they are representing.  

At the top is one of the actors who helped recreate the La Fontaine de Mars (Fountain of the Seas) located at Place de Concorde in Paris.

To the left is a woman ready to recreate Conava's Tomb of Archduchess Maria Christina located in Vienna.

This gentleman will be joining the lady above at the same tomb.  

In a more contemporary painting, this lady is made up to be Marcia Weisman in David Hockney's 1968 painting called "American Collectors".

This was the only one where a little picture of the artwork was presented.

This gentleman is dressed to be part of the sculpture called "Roger and Angelica Mounted on a Hippogriff by Antoine-Louis Barye.

The lady to the right will be part of the bas relief sculpture of Lewis & Clark by Friedlander.  She represents Sacajawea in that sculpture.

This cheerful gentleman represents Sancho Panza in Lerenzo Valera's statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.  

The final "tableaux" in every show is of DaVinci's The Last Supper.  Rolston represented that effort with portraits of all the characters who participate in the recreation of that painting.  

Rolston and the Laguna Beach Art Museum presented a wonderful exhibit of portraits of real people impersonating painted and sculpted people found in art works from all over the world.  If you would like see more of his photos, click here.  The link labeled "Works" will take you to a view of the many portraits and the link labeled "Documentary" will take you to a short video about the project and its relation to The Pageant of the Masters.  

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Unmistakably Santa Fe


I've featured posts about Santa Fe New Mexico before but, today I'm adding a few more photos that all display the  unmistakable look of that beautiful city.  Above is a scene from that area of Santa Fe known as Museum Hill.  It's a spot where four, world-class museums can be found together.

Here we have the Palace of the Governors in the historic district of Santa Fe.  This is a spot where on certain days, you can shop for Native American arts directly from the artists and craftsmen.  They gather in front of the plaza and display their wares. 

Above is a street scene where you can see the distinct architecture of the city.  Those adobe buildings are the predominant look in all directions.  I also like how those clouds are perfectly positioned above the street.

Those wonderful adobe walls make a perfect backdrop for spring flowers.  These lilacs look good and smell divine.  

It's a city where you will see a couple of friendly bears enjoying a conversation on a bench in front of an art gallery.  Down the street you might see chili ristras hanging from the tall adobe walls.  

In front of the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts you will find artistically enhanced poles supporting the cover over the sidewalk.

It's a city where hotels fit the architectural style beautifully and art galleries are on almost every corner.

I'll just sum it up by saying that Santa Fe is a city with a style all its own.  It's a beautiful place that I'm hoping I can visit again sometime soon.