Sunday, January 2, 2022

Favorite Iconic London Spots


Today's group of favorite London photos are all about the iconic London scenes.  The places most people are familiar with and love.  First up, St. Paul's Cathedral.  I actually saw Prince Charles exiting this church on one of my trips to London.  That was a complete surprise.

This is a place that tourists can't visit but it's position on the south bank of the River Thames makes it stand out.  It of course has also been seen in a number of movies and was actually famously blown up in a James Bond movie.  MI-5 is headquartered here.

Royal Albert Hall is another famous London building.  I saw the London Philharmonic Orchestra play here on one of my trips.  Visitors should always check the schedule to see if something interesting is playing.

One of the best views of Parliament can be seen from the London Eye, that giant Ferris wheel just across the river.  The view from the eye is spectacular.

I also got a good shot of Big Ben with the London Eye in the background.  

I never go to London without visiting the Fortnum & Mason store on Piccadilly Street.  I've brought many goodies home from this iconic London store.  

A collection of London's iconic scenes would not be complete without some red phone boxes.  One great place to photograph them is on the back side of the Royal Courts of Justice where you will find these four waiting for photographers to take aim.

This last photo was taken from the observation deck at the Tate Modern Museum.  I'm looking east toward one of London's newest iconic buildings, The Shard.  I have not been up in this building yet.  It is on my list for a next visit.  From this height, you can see past The Shard and all the way to the high rise buildings at Canary Wharf.


Gemel said...

How I miss England. Great photos.

Andy said...

Thanks for the excellent tour Sharon.

Travel said...

An amazing city, so many things to experience

Linda Sue said...

I yearn! Your photos are amazing. Fingers crossed , we can travel there once again. My second home.
Thank you so much for these wonderful shots!

William Kendall said...

Everything but the Shard appeals to me.

Catalyst said...


Revrunner said...

Phone boxes! I wonder if they still have active phones inside.