Sunday, December 26, 2021

More London Favorites


This Sunday I have a few more favorite photos from London.  These all have a bit of an architectural look to them.  Just perfectly symmetrical scenes that caught my eye.  First up the underground station at Canary Wharf.  

This is from the center courtyard of the British Museum.  That glass ceiling is breathtaking when you first enter the museum.

This one is the Undercroft below Lincoln's Inn Chapel in an area of London where you will find most of the legal offices residing.  I've seen this space used a number of times in movies and television shows.

Above is the Great Hall of the Natural History Museum.  The hall is guarded over by Charles Darwin seated in his place of honor.

Above is the very striking entrance to the Apex Hotel on Fleet Street.  I remember when I spotted this entrance.  It stopped me in my tracks. 

I'll end this group of photos with one from a cemetery.  This is the entrance to Egyptian Avenue at Highgate Cemetery.  Highgate Cemetery is divided into two halves.  The East side is open to anyone and it's most famous resident is Karl Marx.  The west side may be toured through scheduled tours.  The west side is where you will find this architectural wonder along with a few other amazing sights.


Travel said...

I need to see the Natural History museum, and I will add a guided tour of Highgate to my list.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful architecture.

Linda Sue said...

Thank you so much for this lovely post! I am missing London terribly , will I ever get to go back? I may be too old and the world too broken so your photos have really saved the day.
thank you.

Catalyst said...

Absolutely splendid photographs, Sharon. Thanks for taking them and sharing them.

DUTA said...

Thanks for sharing those outstanding London spots!