Sunday, January 23, 2022

It's All About the View


On our very first night in New York City, my friends Julie and Dave took us to a very "cool" bar called Skylark.  It was just three blocks from our hotel and it's entrance was very nondescript.  Some might say it was a bit hidden.  But, when we entered the door, after having our vaccine status checked, we found ourselves in a long hallway that led to an elevator.  

The elevator whisked us up to the top floor where we met a hostess and we could see doors to many different rooms.  While our vaccine statuses were checked once again, I peeked into the pool room and saw these well dressed gentlemen playing a game with a spectacular skyline background around them.

After finding a table, we stepped out onto the wrap-around balcony to take in the view.

The balcony was surrounded by a high glass wall to keep it safe for people to explore.  You can see the edge of the glass in this photo to the left.

The view was stunning!  

That circle of light was a reflection of a light on the balcony.

We could look down and see the lights of Broadway and Times Square.

And, we had a fantastic view of the Empire State Building. 

The beautiful lights of the city were visible in every direction.  

I spotted the Hudson Yards building I wrote about a few weeks ago.  I knew I had dinner reservations there later in the week and looked forward to seeing the place.  I cropped this photo in a bit so you could see that triangular shaped sky walk and balcony.  

Three years ago when I saw this building under construction, I didn't think I'd ever walk out on that balcony when it was done.  But I did.  I posted about it here.

This was a fun place to go to start our week in New York.  I loved it!


Andy said...

The view is attractive... so is your night photography Sharon.

Travel said...

Wow, maybe in April if it is safe. Great night photos

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous views!

Janey and Co. said...

Oh my! What fantastic views from up there. Took my breath away.

Catalyst said...

Spectacular is definitely the word to describe those views.