Sunday, October 2, 2022

A Garden Art Show


Sherman Library and Gardens is a must see for me every time I travel to southern California and this year was no exception.  Once again I visited these wonderful gardens and once again they had a summer art show on display.

This time the art exhibit was called "Inspired by Nature" and it featured the work of mosaic artist Irina Charny.  

The piece above is called Enormous Butterfly Wings and to the right is one of two cocoons hanging near the butterfly.

Scattered among the many plants were beautiful mosaic designs in all shapes and sizes.  

Above is a Purple Circle and to the left is a panel called Flying.

Above is another disc, this one in multi-colors.  To the right is another panel called Bad Hair Day.  

This last one is called "Angels".  It reminded me very much of the works of artist Marc Chegall.  

It was another great opportunity to enjoy the garden and some new art works at the same time.


Andy said...

Interesting. They are Eye Candy to my eyes.

Gemel said...

The butterfly is outstanding!

William Kendall said...

These are marvelous!

Travel said...

Art can be anyplace, everyplace

Gardens at Waters East said...

I too enjoy visiting places of art. Here just north off me is a whole county knowing for its artists and galleries. More than 150 galleries and studios - frantic place to take my many visitors. Thanks for the posting. By the way, it is Door Country Wisconsin.

Marcia LaRue said...

I have just signed up to follow your blog! I am in S. Colorado and my son and d-in-l have recently moved from mid-CA to Springfield, Oregon.
I often see you on other blogs I read!