Sunday, July 25, 2021

Minneapolis Skyline


Before I retired from Wells Fargo Bank, I managed a training department with a staff of trainers who trained employees on how to use different data systems.  My staff of trainers were located either in Phoenix, Minneapolis or Des Moines Iowa.

On one of my many trips to Minneapolis to observe a training session, I snapped a few photos of the Minneapolis skyline.   I always thought that Minneapolis had an attractive downtown with a variety of high-rise buildings.

On one of those trips, I went to a play at the Guthrie Theatre which is located next to the Mississippi River. At the theatre, they have a lounge area overlooking the river and a variety of bridges.

This particular trip happened a few weeks after the Interstate 35 bridge had collapsed back in August of 2007.  From that lounge at the Guthrie Theatre, I could see what remained of the bridge.  That was a tragic event and a reminder that much of our highway infrastructure is in need of repairs.

One of the viewing windows at the Guthrie Theatre was covered with a yellow film.  I decided take another skyline shot through that yellow tint directly into the setting sun.  It made the sunset look rather dramatic.  


Andy said...

I have never been to Minneapolis but your photos are making me think I should make the trip.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful views. I have not been there.

Catalyst said...

Minneapolis was one of my favorite cities growing up in next-state North Dakota. I had an uncle who owned a drug store with a soda fountain out near Minnehaha Park for many years so we'd visit from time to time. It could be the ice cream treats from his store that first led to my romance with the Twin Cities.