Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Retail Destination

There is a place in southern California that I make a habit of visiting every summer when I spend a few days along the coast.  It's not your usual tourist attraction but to me, it's just as good.  It happens to be a nursery business called Roger's Gardens.  Oh but, it's so much more!

Of course you will find plants galore, from pretty daisies to succulents to every kind of rose you can imagine, all kinds of trees and some of the most beautiful hibiscus I've ever seen.

You will also find those little extras that will enhance the look of your garden, like statues and pottery and pretty  and unique fountains.

Roger's Gardens opened for business in 1965 by Roger MCkinnon in the city of Costa Mesa.  In 1970 the business was purchased by Gavin Herbert Sr. and was eventually moved to it's present location in Corona Del Mar.  Mr. Herbert developed friendships with some of southern California's rather elite residents such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and John Wayne.  In the mid 70's he purchased the original Disneyland Bandstand that sat in the middle of Main Street back when Disneyland first opened.  It now has a place of honor in the middle of the garden.

Roger's Gardens isn't just a nursery.  It's also a retail heaven selling not only patio furniture and decorator pots but, also every kind of gift and collector item you can think of.  They even have a selection of gourmet items like fancy pasta and tapanades.  I frequently bring something tasty home with me.

Part of the fun of my annual visits is that every year, the retail space looks different with all kinds of gorgeous displays and tempting items.  Sometimes I'm glad that this place is located so far away from home.  I'd be in shopping trouble if it was close by.

It even has a special Christmas section that is open all year long.

And two yeas ago, they opened a restaurant called The Farmhouse at Roger's Gardens.  They serve what they call "field to fork" food and I've eaten there three times now and can highly recommend the delicious creations they serve.

Just picking out these photos made me want to visit there again.  I will be looking forward to my summer escape in 2019.  


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh my soooo many temptations Sharon.. even my minimalist self would have to use supreme willpower here! How good you are leaving with only something delicious to eat 😉

William Kendall said...

I'd enjoy a visit there, Sharon! Excellent captures!

diane b said...

Wow! That is a fabulous store. I would love to visit every year too.

Catalyst said...

It looks like one idea of heaven.