Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sutton Hoo


Have you seen the movie "The Dig" with Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan? It's an excellent movie available on Netflix and it's based on a true story about a the discovery of an archaeological site of major historical significance.  It's an excellent movie that really touched me when I saw it several years ago.  

I wanted to take another look at the pieces from that dig that are now on view at the British Museum.  

One of the most important pieces was this helmet which dates to between 620 and 625 AD.  

In addition to the actual helmet above, the museum also had a replica made to show how the helmet would have looked all those years ago.  

It's quite magnificent.  

Also on display were some of the other treasures found at the site called Sutton Hoo in Suffolk England.  The site has been described as a ritualistic burial site of great significance.  Most likely that of a king or ruler of that period.  I'm very pleased that Basil Brown, the man who made this incredible discovery has finally been given the credit that is due to him.

If you haven't seen that movie, I highly recommend it.  


Travel said...

I remember going to see the Elgin Marbles, aka the Parthenon Frieze. I saw a news item recently a protest with signs that simply said, "We Would Like to Go Home to Greece Now."

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