Sunday, November 28, 2021

Food & Art in One Afternoon


I'm not sure if I'd call it a late lunch or an early dinner but, my travel companions and I dined at a very fine Japanese restaurant in New York City last month one afternoon.  When we were finished eating, the restaurant was empty.  That made for a great opportunity to photograph the beautiful decor.  

The restaurant is called Kappo Masa and it was a delicious experience.

The kitchen was open so we could see the chefs preparing for the evening meals.

I had one of the lunch specials that started with this delicious kale gobo frisée salad. I ate every last bite.  

My entree was the steamed salmon on ikuro mushroom rice bento bowl.  It was another delicious treat.  I must admit that I did ask for a fork for this part.  I've never been any good at eating rice with chopsticks.  

Dessert came in the form of a green tea layer cake topped with soba ice cream.  We shared this treat and there was not a crumb left on the plate when we were done.  It was an outstanding meal with superior service in a beautifully designed setting.  The restaurant is owned by Masayoshi Takayama and Larry Gagosian.

Larry Gagosian is a well known art dealer with a chain of art galleries.  In fact the restaurant Kappo Masa is located on the lower level of his Madison Avenue gallery.  After that delicious meal, we stopped at the gallery to take in an exhibit of work by Tatiana Trouve.  This group of paintings is called "From March to May 2020" and represents the 55 days following the pandemic lockdown.  You can read more about the exhibit at the link above.  I only snapped this one photo inside the gallery.  I was impressed with the neat row of art works and how they were mirrored in the floor.


Travel said...

I love an open kitchen, when I am traveling alone I like to get a seat overlooking the kitchen and watch the show. Great gallery, that floor!

William Kendall said...

Quite a spacious interior.

Catalyst said...

I think I'd be nervous walking on that floor, feeling that I might fall "in". The restaurant looks amazing and the food quite fancy.