Sunday, September 19, 2021

Green House

Every year when I go to California, I plan a visit to Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar. It's a beautiful garden and for the last few years, they've been featuring some kind of art exhibit.  This year's exhibit is called greenHOUSE and is described as "Lavish living rooms with a botanical twist".  

Above and to the right is the dining room all set for a large dinner party.

Here is the study with it's bookcase and comfortable chair.

The parlor was enjoying some time in the bright sunlight.

There was even a lavatory. 

It was fun exhibit and it was all created by the Sherman Garden's own horticulture team.  

They did a great job.  It was fun to wander the garden and discover the different rooms.


Andy said...

Who ever set up the exhibit has a talent for creating original displays that one would not expect to see in a garden. The toilet in the fish pond caught me off guard... but it did make me laugh.

Travel said...

Fun gardens, are well fun

William Kendall said...

Very creative.

Catalyst said...

A very whimsical bunch work there.