Sunday, May 26, 2019

Let's Go Surfin'

On my last trip to California, I saw this great old "woody" straight out of that old Beach Boys song!  Isn't it a beauty?  The southern California coast is the perfect place to find surfers and all their surfing toys.

If you spend time near the ocean, you are bound to see surfers wherever you look.  Sometimes you see them assessing the conditions of the waves and the water.

Other times you might see groups of young surfers learning how to navigate the waves and their boards.

And you will catch some that have gotten pretty good at it.

In Laguna Beach, you are so close to the water that seeing surfers walking down the street carrying their surf boards is a common sight.

About an hour after I saw the guy in the photo above, I caught sight of him floating in the water and waiting for the next wave.

A few minutes after that, I saw that he found one!

This man brought his paddle along.  I wonder if that gives him more balance.

It must take strong leg muscles and a great sense of balance to stay on those boards with the water splashing around.

This young man has mastered the art of surfing.

On a good surfing day, I could spend hours sitting on a hill overlooking the the beach and watching these daredevils taking wild rides on that powerful water.  You might say it's my very own "Surfin' Safari".  


diane b said...

And you have mastered the art of photographing fast moving surfers. Great shots.

William Kendall said...

Wonderful action shots!

Catalyst said...

I used to wonder at the idle lives of these surfers. Then one day when I watched for hours off a Mexican beach I began to understand.