Sunday, May 12, 2019

Annual Cowgirl Up Art Exhibit

Once again, I made my way to Wickenburg Arizona to see the annual Cowgirl Up art exhibit at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.

Wickenburg is about 65 miles northwest of Phoenix so the trip makes a nice day trip and escape from the city.

This is the 14th year of the exhibit but, sadly this is only my third time to attend.  However, once I went three years ago, I've been going ever since.   All of the works are by female artists and all are for sale. I was happy to see little red dots indicating a sale on a large majority of the works.
On the left is the trade mark for the exhibit, which I loved so much I bought a shirt with it on it last year when I was there.

I'll show you an example of some of the works.  This painting is called "Freedom" by Marcia Molnar.    She lives in Prescott Arizona so she has the vastness of the west to inspire her.

These three paintings are by Sharon Markwardt.  Markwardt has achieved quite a bit of success being featured at galleries in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas where she resides.

This painting to the left is by Jennifer Caven who is from New Mexico.  I love the clouds in this painting called "Can You Hear the Thunder".  I feel as though I can.

I introduced you to this artist last year when I featured her painting on my post about this exhibit and then later when I went into her gallery in Santa Fe quite by accident and recognized the painting.  The artist is Barbara Meikle and I'm happy to say that every one of her paintings in the exhibit were sold.  Good for her!

I really loved these two paintings by Micqaela Jones of Elko Nevada.  There is something spiritual and a bit magical about them.

I loved the abstract nature of this bronze by Lisa Gordon of New Mexico.  This one is called "Chasm Crossing #2".  This is Lisa's 13th year exhibiting in the Cowgirl Up show.

The Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg does an excellent job with this exhibit each year and it continues to draw people from all over the country.

I'll end with this painting by Susanne Nyberg called "Peralta Canyon".  Susanne lives in Carefree Arizona.  I thought it was very unusual to see an oil painting on a round canvas.


RedPat said...

I love them all, Sharon! What a great show that is!

Thérèse said...

I love the recognition of women's work. I really like Barbara Meikle's work.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh my gosh it's a visual feast Sharon. Thank you so much for showing, love every single piece here. I admire artists so much πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š

William Kendall said...

Amazing works!

Catalyst said...

We went to that show once several years ago. The talent is amazing.