Thursday, April 23, 2020

Boat Tour on Lake Como

One thing I thoroughly enjoyed when I visited Lake Como in Italy last spring was the boat tour on the lake.  My friends had reserved a boat and guide and he took us from one end of the lake to the other pointing out the sights along the way.  I'll show you a few that we saw.  Above is Villa La Gaeta, a castle-like villa that I think is now broken into condos or apartments.  This place was featured in the James Bond movie "Casino Royale”.

Villa Maria was looking very grand in its lakefront setting.

St. Lorenzo Church appears to have quite a few visitors by both land and water.

Villa Sola Cabiati dates back to the 16th century and you can rent the whole thing for a mere $7,709.28 per night for parties up to twelve.

I didn't expect to see a pyramid in Italy but there it is.  It is a mausoleum for a prestigious doctor, Joseph Frank who left this world in 1842.

Richard Branson's villa is surrounded by the tall cypress trees so common in Italy.

All the boat tours like to point out George Clooney's villa.

It is a very lovely place but George wasn't at home.

At one point, our tour guide steered the boat down a narrow passage so we could see a beautiful water fall that was almost hidden from view.

Not all the villas were huge and imposing.  Some were quite modest but still grand looking in that splendid setting.

This one has a grand patio and what appears to be a boat house at lake level.  

This one is called La Placida and is another one that has been divided into condos.

There were so many beautiful villas to admire.  Some of them were even open for tours.  I'll show you one of those in the next post.  


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