Sunday, December 23, 2018

Another Look at Christmas in London

It's almost Christmas so I thought I'd pull out another Christmas season post from London.  When I visited the city in late November 2013, it was already in full holiday attire however, I'm pretty sure it gets even better as the month of December arrives.  The Queen's Guards at Buckingham palace were actually looking just a bit dull in their winter grays.

But those dull grey coats made way to bright lights and colorful decorations like this festive scene at Covent Garden.  It's a great place to shop or just to stop and listen to the music.

Harrods is always lit up at night drawing you closer to check out the window displays.

I always like to do a bit of window shopping in one of the arcades.  Burlington Arcade on Piccadilly Street is a favorite.  There are many beautiful things inside these small spaces.

Prince's Arcade is another place where window shopping is fun.  All of the arcades do a nice job of subtle, yet festive decor to bring the season to life.

And, I never miss an opportunity to visit Fortnum and Mason.  Whether it's the holidays or not, this place is a must for me on every trip to wonderful London.

On this particular trip to London, I visited the Queen's Galleries and after that, the Buckingham Palace gift shop.  Appropriately, the tree in there was decorated with royal crowns.

There is no question that London knows how to decorate for Christmas!


William Kendall said...

It's the arcade views that particularly draw my eye.

Catalyst said...

London at Christmas. What more could an Anglophile want?