Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday Shopping, London Style

I've been to London two or three times in late November so I've had an opportunity to see the city decked out with holiday lights and decoration.  Since it's so close to Christmas I thought I'd make this post all about shopping at Harrod's, that iconic London shopping experience.  Everything about Harrods's is over-the-top from the huge building covered in lights and taking up an entire city block, to the elaborate displays in every department to the sky-high prices that are attached to every item for sale.

The most crowded part of the store during the holiday season is the famous food halls.  That's where you'll find all those gift boxes of exotic candies, cookies, nuts and fruits.   There are also jams and jellies and teas and coffee too, and oh so much more.

This lady has been doing some serious shopping.  She has quite a lot of shopping bags at her feet and many of them are the famous green bags of Harrod's.  I think she's managed to drop quite a lot of money in this store already.

The only thing I usually buy in this store is a little something from the souvenir shop.  That's where you can buy all sorts of items with the Harrods logo on them.

In fact, I've managed to acquire quite a collection of Harrod's shopping totes over the many years that I've traveled to that wonderful city.

I think this one was the first one I ever bought which makes it 30 years old!  Yikes!

A little holiday shopping in the world's most famous store seems like a perfect way to spend the evening after a long day of sightseeing.  

And, you don't have to spend a fortune to come home with a little treat for yourself and your friends and family.  


Thérèse said...

Your 30 years old tote is awesome!

Mersad said...

Oh wow, this is so stunning. Would love to take a stroll through London now.

Mersad Donko Photography

Lowell said...

Thank you so much for this series. I've heard about Harrod's for years, but don't think I've ever seen a photo of it. And your photos are just superb, giving us a real sense of what the place is like. Got to put this on my "Bucket List."

William Kendall said...

I don't recall ever seeing photos of the place, though I've heard of it many times.

Catalyst said...

So sorry, though, that it's no longer owned by the British.

Should Fish More said...

My, I didn't know I missed it so much.
I'm here in this little snowbound town in Montana, remembering Christmas's in London, and cities in Europe.
I miss the markets, the lights, the strangeness, and the difference from the US.