Sunday, August 31, 2014

More about Treviso

Above is a picture of the city square in Treviso.  I'm not sure how I caught it so quiet and calm for this photo.  Over to the right, you can make out an awning over some tables and to the far right some arches.

At night, tables appeared under those arches and a restaurant served dinner there.

However, we always opted for the one with the awning.  The Pizzeria daPino was so good we went there twice while we were there.  In fact, that's Janet in the red jacket talking to Steve while we waited for a table.

On Saturdays, there was a huge outdoor market that went up.  You could get literally anything there.  Clothing, household goods, flowers, plants and of course, shark if you wanted it.  Shark fin soup anyone?

The vegetables and fruit looked fantastic and were enthusiastically being picked up by locals who were thinking of the big weekend meals they were going to have.

There will be some more to learn about Treviso in a future post.


Anonymous said...

Great shots, looks like a good place for dinner too!

Judy said...

I'll pass on the soup but wouldn't mind dining under the arches. (Not the golden arches though)

Thérèse said...

It gives the perfect idea of what we can get there.

Catalyst said...

When we moved to a small village in Mexico we were stunned the first weekend to learn a cobblestone street had been turned overnight into a farm-to-table market. Same thing every week. And if you got to Munich in your travels, you may have visited the Viktualienmarkt near downtown. Absolutely the best anywhere in the world.