Saturday, August 17, 2013

Minute Man

The Minute Man National Historic Park near Concord Massachusetts commemorates the opening battles of the American Revolution on April 19, 1775.  It's a great place for a pleasant stroll especially in October when I visited many years ago.

You might even run into a character from history to help describe what life was like back then.


Andy said...

I really enjoy these places with costumed historic people. It's even more enjoyable when the person is well versed in the historic facts of the era they represent.

Kate said...

I thought that I had travelled a fair amount, but I think you get the prize, Sharon. I'm enjoying all your sojorns. Business or pleasure or both?

Lowell said...

Finally a place I've been! But a long time ago. You are an intrepid traveler. I'll bet you could write a book, "Sharon's Travels," and with your photographs it would be a big seller. I'll even buy the first copy!

That first shot is very fine the way that old wooden bridge contrasts with the stone and the way it leads the eye on to the Minuteman!

Judy said...

I think these costumed folks are a nice addition to a park like this one. I still remember when we were kid, we went to park like this in Illinois. Was it New Salem State Historic Park? I think so.