Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Room with a View

Yesterday I posted an old photo from the mid 90's when I was working in St. Louis.  This photo is from a more recent trip to Missouri for pleasure this time.  I thought I'd show you the apartment building I lived in when yesterday's photo was taken.  It's the center of the three look-alike buildings along the edge of the park.  All three towers were identical.  The one furthest to the right was a senior living facility, the center one apartments, and the third one a Holiday Inn.  In the foreground is part of the lush green park that surrounds the Gateway Arch.


Lowell said...

What a tough life you must have led back then! ;)

It's very beautiful...I like that touch of reflection in the left-hand side of the pond.

Judy said...

You had such a lovely view from those windows. I think I would never get bored looking out of them.

JM said...

Lovely! I bet you had a fantastic view everyday.