Sunday, February 12, 2017

Inspired by Photography

Last week I told you about my eclectic list of sites to see while visiting London.  Today I'll show you another of those rather unique locations.  This one happens to be a home furnishings store.  No, I wasn't on the lookout for a hard to find table or chair, it was something in the store itself that I found interesting.  You see, I had seen a number of photographs of the most picturesque spiral staircase that I had ever seen and I wanted a chance to photograph it for myself.

I made my way to Tottenham Court Road to find the store.  The store is called Heal's and it specializes in modern home furnishings and accessories.  I have to say, the store itself  was quite appealing with an array of beautiful things to look at.

There were quite a lot of sparkly things in this showroom.

But, it was the staircase I came for and when I found it, I could see that it was every bit as beautiful as all the photos I'd seen.  It's called the Brewer Staircase and it whirls and spins in a mesmerizing pattern.  The stairs were originally designed by Cecil Brewer in 1916.  Today visitors from all over the world stop in just to see it.  I climbed the stairs all the way to the top so I could take photos looking down.

And I went all the way to the bottom so I could take photos looking up.

I even took one looking to the side.

No matter what view point I chose, it looked stunning from every angle.

I guess when it comes right down to it, I've always been inspired by photos of places and things.  If I see something interesting in a book, on a postcard, TV show or on my computer screen, I tend to write it down and do some research.  It just might end up on my must-see list!


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh la! Absolutely stunning Sharon! 1916 you say.. would that have been at the beginning of the Art Deco era, it definitely seems to have some fabulous Art Deco touches don't you think? Beautifully shown here, merci beaucoup.

Judy said...

What an awesome stairway! Great shots of it too.

William Kendall said...

What a cool staircase!

Lowell said...

I love all these photos! What a great place to visit. I like lights and glass and sparkly stuff. The staircase is mesmerizing but I'm going to let you go and climb it while i take photos! That thing makes me dizzy just looking at it.

Lois said...

Wow Sharon! The staircase is impressive and so gorgeous. You did an amazing job photographing it too!

Catalyst said...

Amazing elevator?