Sunday, February 5, 2017

Broadcasting House

Some might say that I'm a tourist with a varied and eclectic interest in places to seek out.  Others might say I have a whacky list of interests that wouldn't appeal to most people.  Both are probably true.  Maybe that's why I travel on my own so well.  In fact, even when I travel with friends, I tend to go off on my own for at least part of the time.  On my last trip to London, I had a long list of places I wanted to visit and I'm happy to say, I made it to most of them.  There are still a few lurking on the list for next time.

One of those places on my list was Broadcasting House, the home of the BBC.  Why, you might ask?  It all stems from a comedy program I found on Netflix a year or so ago called "W1A".  It was a hilarious comedy of yarns about managing forces at Broadcasting House.

I'm sure that real life work at the BBC is much more placid than the show portrays....or is it?  Regardless, the show made me curious to see the building for myself.  The building is a combination of old and new; the old part having been built in 1932 and the new part completed in 2013.  It now forms a sort of horseshoe shape around a central plaza.

Inside the lobby, there are displays relating to different BBC productions.  I was excited to find Dr. Who's Tardis sitting in the lobby area.  I tried to peek inside but it was locked.  Too bad, I would have loved to take a spin around the universe.

After passing through a security checkpoint, I arrived at a visitors area where I could view all the activity in the Newsroom below.

After taking several photos, I noticed the "No Photography" sign on the glass.....oops!  However, the security guards were a mere 10 feet away from me and none of them took notice.

If you are a fan of British comedy, I recommend the short series "W1A".  It stars Hugh Bonneville (of Downton Abbey fame) and a cast of idiosyncratic characters I won't soon forget!


Lowell said...

Great fun; interesting building. I had never thought of BBC having a building. Isn't that crazy? I'm the same kind of tourist you are...I like to seek out out-of-the way places, too. And you can be sure I'm going to seek out WIA. Thanks again!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

W1A.. I am definitely going to see if I can find this, is it an old series or currently running Sharon? Sounds exactly my cup of tea 😊 I would have loved to come along with you on this trip, it's just the sort of thing that fascinates me too and yes, British comedy is the best!

William Kendall said...

I've never heard of the series. The building design really appeals to me, Sharon!

RedPat said...

I loved the show too! Never thought of heading to the building but I think I'll add it to my "to see" list.

Catalyst said...

As someone who has listened to the BBC since he was a teenager, I would have loved to visit that place. Thanks for the tour, Sharon.

Sharon said...

I can relate to you wanting to see things that maybe the rest of the group wouldn't choose. You made a good choice here! Fascinating! I go for war-related places (battlefields, war museums) and fortunately my husband goes along with me! I know some people think I'm nuts! Thank you for your kind comments on my post on the chessmen in the British Museum. I read your post on this fine set. You wrote a detailed piece and you took great photos. This was one of my favorites we found at the museum!