Sunday, December 4, 2016

A New London Ritual

Back in 2013 when I went to London, I paid my first visit to the newly restored St. Pancras Station and I visited the "mile-long" champagne bar that I had heard so much about.  Before I stopped at the bar, I stopped at the Neuhaus Chocolate shop and picked up a couple of tasty chocolates to enjoy with my glass of champagne.

It was a treat that I remembered very well.

The champagne bar featured a huge selection of champagnes from all over France.  I don't recall which one I selected but I have a clear memory of having quite a lot to choose from.

So on this most recent trip to London back in September, I decided to repeat that little event that I enjoyed so much three years ago.

First I tried to find the Neuhaus Chocolate store only to find that it had been replaced by Godiva chocolates.  Oh well, those are pretty good too.

Next I found a little table overlooking the lower level of the station and perused the champagne menu.  Well, that had changed too.  No longer did they offer a huge selection of champagnes.  In fact there seemed to be only two brands available and one of them bore the same name as the bar "Searcy's".  Who knows who the actual vintner was.  I was somewhat disappointed but I ordered a glass anyway.

While I sipped my champagne, I did however enjoy sitting there and watching the people below me all headed in various directions and I enjoyed watching the Eurostar trains coming and going behind me.  So the experience wasn't a complete loss.  I may not repeat the glass of champagne experience but, it's certain that I will return to St. Pancras station.  It's a beautiful place with lots of activity and it's the only station where you can catch the Eurostar to Paris or Brussels.  


PerthDailyPhoto said...

There's not much that stays the same these days but a visit to St Pancreas is always worth while Sharon. It's looking fabulous here.

Jacob said...

Wow! Don't you wish we had such places in our country? And railroads to take us places? Too bad that the 2nd visit didn't match the first but seeing that full glass the the Godiva chocolates I just can't feel too sorry for you! :))

William Kendall said...

The station really stands out well. Very dramatic!

Lois said...

It's too bad that those places changed, but you certainly did have a wonderful view! I was at St. Pancras Station a couple of years ago to catch a Eurostar train to Paris, but unfortunately we were in such a hurry I didn't get a chance to look around.

Catalyst said...

It looks like a wonderful place.