Sunday, October 25, 2015

Madison Square Garden

This is not the Madison Square Garden your thinking of, it's actually the Madison Square & Garden Cafe in Laguna Beach California.  My good friends Julie and Dave (most of you know them) introduced me to this place and Julie and I have had breakfast or sometimes lunch here when I visit them in California.

It's a very eclectic place with all kinds of interesting gift items.  You know; its the kind of place where you love to browse and almost always come home with something.

They also cook up some very good meals served outside on their antique lined patio.  It's a fantastic place to enjoy your food slowly while enjoying all the interesting items that line the garden.

All of this is packed into a Registered Historic Structure built in 1912. 

You also might just find that certain something you can't live without like this cute little dog made of old boots.  No, I didn't buy this one.

Or maybe this big eyed frog.  If I still had a garden I would have been tempted.

I did give in to the urge to buy this cute little door stop and I immediately put it to good use when I got home.  


Anonymous said...

Lots of things to explore, I like your purchase!

Thérèse said...

The door stop with the little helper is too much fun!

VP said...

Not the Madison Square Garden I know, but quite spectacular in its own way. Love the dog of boots!

William Kendall said...

That doorstop is something else!

The mannequin in the second shot, I'd find myself wondering if I was being watched.