Sunday, October 11, 2015

Italian Groceries

There is something extremely charming about Italian grocery stores with their variety of displays designed to draw you inside.  They made me wish I could do some shopping and go home to whip up a nice meal.  Since that is hard to do in a hotel room, I had to just admire them and snap a few photos of the ones I liked.

This one I found in Rome down a quiet little street.  I think that might be the butcher standing outside.

In Florence, this one was right down the street from the hotel so I passed it quite often.  Those gorgeous vegetables on display have attracted that young shopper.   I think she's talking her mother into buying something delicious.

This one caught my eye in Siena.  It looks like it could have been here selling fruits and vegetables, olives and olive oil for hundreds of years.

This one in San Gimignano is loaded with sausages, pasta and wine.  I bet I could have found the ingredients for a fabulous pasta dish in this place.  I think I see everything I need right in this display.

In Verona I saw this charming place that advertises meats and olives and of course olive oil, all of which are on display.  I think I see some wine back there too!

But I think my favorite little grocery shop was found in the town of Bassano del Grappa.  That window with the strings of peppers in it beckoned me in immediately.

And, what a surprise inside.  There were more peppers hanging from the ceiling and around the counter and they were perfuming the air with their spicy scent.  This place had jars and jars of sauces and jams all featuring peppers in some way.  I so wished I could have brought some home with me.  There were so many delicious looking choices.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic collection of images, I love the colours and light!

Lowell said...

It is a good thing it is now time for lunch here in Florida! You certainly enticed my appetite. Love your pictures - they are excellent and capture well the feeling of Rome and these markets.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I think Europeans really know how to food shop properly Sharon, buying what they need fresh every day. I tend to do mine once a week and that's it, not quite the same as perusing those gorgeous wee grocery shops!

William Kendall said...

Peppers hanging from the ceiling... that's a first for me!

Should Fish More said...

Lovely pictures. A couple looked familiar; I stayed in a small hilltop village/castle, Montefioralle, just above Greve in Chianti for a month a few years ago. I'm going to be back in Italy in about a week. Cheers

Jack said...

I agree. These are really charming . . . except, maybe the peppers!!

Catalyst said...

Wonderful post.

Roseann said...

I spent a week near Bassano Del Grappa at a Bike Camp a bit further up the Brenta River at Campolongo sur Brenta. Bassano was the 'big city' we went to a few times.

I love your pictures!