Sunday, August 12, 2018

Famous Farmer's Market

There is one Farmer's Market that has a reputation all over the world and that is Pike Place Market in Seattle.  I hadn't been here in over 30 years and yet I found it exactly the same as I remembered it if not a little busier.  The market opened for business on August 17, 1907 so it will be 111 years old this coming Friday!

You can find everything at this market from fresh-off-of-the-boat fish to fresh-off-the-farm vegetables.

And, fresh-off-the-tree fruits!

There are also several places to eat within the market but, on the very busy Sunday that I was there, the wait for a table would have been over an hour.

It happened to be Mother's Day on the day I was there so the flower vendor's stalls were overflowing with flowers and even after leaving the market, it seemed like everyone I passed on the street was carrying a bouquet.

Pike Place Market is one of those places you will never forget.  It's busy and colorful and strolling it's stalls will surely whet your appetite!


William Kendall said...

A little bit of everything!

Julie said...

I absolutely adore farmer's markets.

Catalyst said...

I believe if you had one of the small shops you could hide a bed in the rear. And if you had plenty of money you would never have to leave the Market. It's a fabulous place.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

How faaaabulous Sharon! This is the kind of market it's worth visiting the city for. Loved seeing the fantastic produce.. and flowers through your lens.

diane b said...

Wow what a fabulous market. Drool.