Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pacific Sunsets and Views

It's a sort of tradition that when I'm visiting in California, at least one time we head over to the Corona Del Mar neighborhood of Newport Beach to watch the sunset.  How colorful it turns out to be depends on the day's weather.  On this day a year ago, it was just hazy enough to filter the sun a bit but still bright enough to color the water.

But, watching sunsets is not the only thing to enjoy along this drive.  It's also fun to look at all the houses that have been perched along the coast to take in the maximum benefit of the views.

Some of them sit right on the edge making me wonder what keeps them up there.

Some sit higher and feature huge windows where the ocean is the constant view.

This house has a great balcony that appears to hang out over the water.

This one has a great Spanish Mission look to enhance it.  

While this one has a more traditional New England look.

I think my favorite is the house that has the submarine driveway.  Now that is some creative designing.  


Mersad said...

Bery familiar sight for me since I did this road trip almost a year ago. The sunsets there are out of this world.

Lowell said...

Some amazing homes there. Wish I could afford one! I'm not sure I'd want to live right on ocean's edge, though; at least not in Florida where hurricanes often wash homes out to sea.

Judy said...

Lots of different styles of homes there and all lovely.

Catalyst said...

Looks like a great place to live. Until . . .

Should Fish More said...

indeed is a wonderful place, I was just south of there a few days ago for a month.. And don't worry about the Catalyst's comment above. He's clearly an doubt think's there's such a thing as 'climate change', eco terrorist stuff like that.....and probably not a fan of the only sources of our salvation: Generalissimo Trump.


Thérèse said...

Nice designs and it's true that the weather is great all year round. What I notice at Newport Beach is that everyone doesn't seem to care about privacy: all houses along the beach have open bayvwindows and no private life in their living room.

William Kendall said...

Some beautiful architecture there, and that sunset's a show stopper.