Sunday, July 10, 2016

An Esthetic Look at Las Vegas

Las Vegas is probably pretty high on the top tourist places in the United States.  It is a mecca for conventions with literally every large hotel having an abundance of convention spaces available for use and an equally abundant supply of entertainment of every kind.  However, it isn't a place that I visit often in spite of being less than an hour's flight from here in Phoenix.  The last time I was there was for a conference and I was lucky enough to have some time to do a little exploring.  So rather than play a few games of chance, I wandered in the direction of the new City Center area of Las Vegas.

I started at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where I admired the Chandelier Bar.  It was early in the day so the bar wasn't open for business but I had a great time wandering around all the strings of chrystel draped elegantly around the lounge area.

From the Cosmopolitan I took the City Center light rail to the end of the line.  When I exited the train I was immediately struck by all the lines that were formed by railings, flooring, and the window of the surrounding high-rise buildings.  What a dizzying sight it was!

I stopped in to the City Center Mall, a spectacular shopping attraction full of sculptures and twinkling lights.  Again, it was early on Sunday morning so I was there before it was flooded with shoppers eager to spend their winnings on some expensive, designer accessories.

I happened to be there when there was a display of some pretty snazzy cars along the mall's walkway.  

Near by were the two whacky residential skyscrapers of the Veer Towers.    My photos don't show it that well but the towers look as though they are leaning.  They aren't of course, they have just been constructed to look that way.

Across the street was the waterfall wall at the front of the Aria Hotel.  It really is a bit mesmerizing watching the water as it glides straight down the dark stone wall.

Another highlight of the area was the Gallery Row Shops.  I spent some time visiting several galleries full of fabulous artworks of every genre.

The galleries included a Chihuly Gallery of fabulous glass works.  I spent some time inside enjoying the beauty of everything inside.

Then it was time to head back the conference so I found my way back to the light rail station and waited for the approaching train.  In the background you can see a little slice of those two leaning towers and you can get a better idea of how they really do look like they are tilted.


Mersad said...

There really is so much beautiful architecture going on in Las Vegas. I remember that during my recent trip there we were in awe at every corner. The Chandler Bar is a true highlight.

Mersad Donko Photography

Lowell said...

I haven't been in Vegas since before it started to become the Vegas we know today; the days of Mickey Cohen and associates. This place is absolutely amazing, a modern vision of light and glass, and I appreciate very much your superb photography! Las Vegas, I've often thought, is over-the-top in just about every way and this post proves I was right!

Catalyst said...

Thanks for the tour, Sharon. I had no idea Vegas now had a light rail. Great architectural photos.

William Kendall said...

The old car is what really draws my attention.