Sunday, June 5, 2016

Island Life

I recently saw a quote about Balboa Island, an island community of Newport Beach in California.  "Welcome to Balboa Island where the cats are numerous, fat and lazy, the dogs are spoiled, the houses are quaint and enchanting, and the living is creative and carefree."  I couldn't have summed it up any better.

Passing the flower laden light posts that line the single bridge on to the island, I enter the island's business district.  It's a good place to start the walk and peek into the eclectic collection of shops and the interesting array of restaurants.  I might stop for a milkshake or if I'm good, an iced tea to take along on my walk.

On my summer trips to California, a trip to Balboa Island is always a welcome diversion and the long walk all the way around the island is a healthy way to work off those fine-dining calories.  The island is busting at the seams with homes squeezed on to narrow lots.  I'm betting that most residents could shake hands with their neighbors out the windows of their houses.

That doesn't mean you can't build a mansion on one of those lots.  It is possible as evidenced by the one in the photo to the left.

On my last walk around the island, there were a lot of interesting things that caught my eye.  I saw mailboxes with a marine theme.

I ran into a former President and he gave me a friendly wave.

I lost count of all the picket fences.

And, I admired all the ocean-themed weather vanes.

Most of the house have front patios where residents can watch the boats as they slowly enter the marina.

Many of the homes share docks where they can party both on and off the boat.

Strolling around the island is an entertaining way to enjoy the California weather and get a taste of ocean-side living.  And, it's the perfect way to escape the Arizona heat during the month of August.  That is about the time we desert dwellers need a break from those soaring temperatures.


Jacob said...

A super series of shots and I appreciate them very much. I heard a lot about Balboa but I don't recall ever getting there. Looks very expensive. Speaking of getting away from the Arizona heat - when our first two kids were little we'd drive from Phoenix to San Diego for a weekend just to get some relief!

Catalyst said...

Back in the 70's I interviewed John Wayne on his bay side patio in this community. I have since learned that the house was torn down after he died.

William Kendall said...

That is quite an eclectic looking place to live in.