Sunday, April 17, 2016

City of the Dead

La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires Argentina is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world.  It is laid out like a city with city blocks, tree-lined streets, lanes and narrow passages.  It spreads out over 14 acres with 4,691 above ground vaults.  94 of these vaults have been declared National Historical Monuments.

The tombs or vaults come in all shapes, sizes and styles and a good number of them are decorated with statues and sculptures.  The cemetery is the last resting place of Presidents, Generals, Actors, Writers and Athletes.  Essentially, the rich and famous of Argentina.  Below I have a sample of some of the vaults you will see when visiting this beautiful place.

Some are very elaborate, constructed with fine marble and beautiful statues.

A few look like they might have been cobbled together.

Some are modern and sleek.

And, some are in disrepair and appear to be neglected.  

Some are heavy-hearted and morose.

While others are celebratory and beautifully maintained.  

This is the tomb of Luis Angle Firpo, an Argentine boxer who was known as "The Wild Bull of the Pampas".  After a successful career in boxing be became a rancher.  

Probably the most popular vault in the cemetery is the one containing the remains of Eva Peron, first lady of Argentina.  It seems everyone in the world has heard of Evita!

Her tomb draws huge crowds that fill up the narrow passage where it is located.  Some paying their respects but, most are there for the photo opportunity.  

I have many, many more photos from this fantastic place.  Next week I'll show you some detail photos from La Recoleta Cemetery.  


Jacob said...

Oh, thank you for this series. This is incredible. I got goose bumps. I almost expect zombies to emerge from their homes! What a place! And your photos are superb. I do like cemeteries but this is taking the whole concept to a new level. Yikes!

William Kendall said...

Completely unlike cemeteries here!

Lois said...

How fascinating! I would love to visit a cemetery like this one.

Catalyst said...

Looks like a good place to film a zombie movie.

Thérèse said...

My first encounter with this famous cemetery. Huge indeed.