Sunday, November 29, 2015

An Arizona Railroad Town

Last spring I traveled to Winslow Arizona to spend the night at the historic La Posada Hotel.  I wrote about the hotel here.  The town of Winslow is located in the north east of Arizona in Navajo County right on Interstate 40 and on one of the main railroad lines through the state.  In fact, the railroad has played an important role in the town ever since.

As I explained in that earlier post, the Las Posada Hotel was built as one of the many Fred Harvey Houses that ran through the southwest along the Santa Fe Railroad line.

Today the town is a sleepy place that serves both traffic from the interstate and traffic from the BNSF Railroad line that passes through.  The traffic on the highway is constant and so is the traffic on the railroad line with one freight train after another passing through all day and all night.  The only passenger train that passes through is Amtrak.  One westbound train in the evening and one eastbound train in the morning.  In fact, a few of the guests at the hotel were waiting for those trains.

There are two stories to how the town got it's name.  One says that it was named for a prospector by the name of Tom Winslow who lived in the area.  The other story says it was named for Edward F Winslow, President of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.

I like to think it was named for both of them.

Today many tourists stop in Winslow to get a photograph of the guy "Stand'n on the corner in Winslow Arizona".

He's been standing there for quite a long time waiting for that girl in the flat-bed Ford to drive by.  Who would have thought that a line from a song by the Eagles would inspire an attraction that draws  hundreds of travelers every day.  Take it easy folks!


Mersad said...

A lovely quaint town for exploration.

Mersad Donko Photography

Kathy said...

That song has brought probably as much activity to Winslow as the railroad ever did.

Lowell said...

I've been in Winslow, but it was so many years ago, I remember nothing about it. Thus I really appreciated this post and your wonderful photography and all this history in your commentary!

Catalyst said...

When I was in Seattle a few years ago I got a picture of a Jimi Hendrix statue on the street but I've yet to make it to Winslow. Maybe in the spring.

William Kendall said...

The church catches my eye most of all.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

La Posada looks amazing Sharon, love that it was designed by a female architect. Smiled at the ear plugs at the side of the bed :)

Julie said...

My friend and I plan to stay a night there after visiting the Four Corners. It seems like a nice place to visit.

Should Fish More said...

"...such a fine sight to see."