Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hidden Gem in Rome

The Church of the Gesu (or Gesu Church) is considered the mother church of the Jesuits religious order.  It is also sometimes called a hidden gem in the city of Rome.  I quite literally stumbled on to this beautiful place when I found myself passing through the Piazza del Gesu.  It wasn't on my list of places to visit but, since I was there I popped inside for a quick peek.

I ended up staying a lot longer admiring the beautiful dome and the frescos and other artifacts.

It seemed that everywhere I looked there was something beautiful to see.

I even got to see an art restorer at work in one of the church's chapels.  The chapel itself was closed off by scaffolding and looking up I saw this restoration worker carefully working on one of the frescos on the chapel's ceiling.  I don't believe I could do that job, constantly reaching up above me while holding my paintbrush and other tools steady.  


Mersad said...

What a lovely peak inside. Such a grand church!

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Anonymous said...


Halcyon said...

So very ornate!

William Kendall said...

An exquisitely beautiful space, Sharon!

Jack said...

This is quite a place. I must have walked past that church four or five times this spring when I was in Rome, but I never went in. Rome has beautiful secrets on every block.