Sunday, May 10, 2015

Art in the high desert

Last week I told you about the history and restoration of the La Posada Hotel in Winslow Arizona. Two of the hotel's owners are artists, Tina Mion and Dan Lutzick, and many of their works can be found throughout the hotel.

The second floor gallery features many of Tina's paintings including this 18-foot piece called "A New Year's Eve Party in Purgatory for Suicides."

Another painting depicts some collectable spoons of famous American women.  These famous women are more known for their darker sides like Lizzie Borden and Typhoid Mary but, Tina has painted herself on to the last spoon.

Also in this gallery are paintings from her "First Ladies" series.

To the left is Nancy Reagan with a twinkle of "Ron" in her eyes.

And to the right is Jackie Kennedy.

There were a few others in the collection too.

Among the paintings were several sculptures by Dan Lutzick.  His works have a very southwestern look to them are created from common materials and found objects.

In addition to what is on display in the hotel, Dan also has a gallery called Snowdrift Art Space and it contains a large collection of his work.

All of this art inside this historic hotel made the visit almost like staying inside an art gallery.  Every guest finds themselves surrounded by history and art and good food and hospitality.  What a great combination.


Anonymous said...

Great looking place to stay, we recently stayed in a hotel in Palma, Mallorca... which had lots of artwork and sculptures too!

Judy said...

It would seem that Tina's artwork is a bit on the darker side. I took some picture of a few paintings when I was there. It is a great place to visit.

William Kendall said...

I like their style, particularly in the first shot.

Randy said...

Wonderful artwork but that Nancy Reagan is a little scary.

Catalyst said...

Visiting that hotel/museum is on my bucket list.

Halcyon said...

This looks like a fun museum!