Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sculptures of Treviso Italy

This statue is hidden away in a small courtyard outside of a clothing store in Treviso Italy but, I learned that it has a very interesting history.  It is called La Fontana dell Tette and it was originally built in 1559.  The story states that in honor of each new mayor, the fountain would spew red wine from one breast and white wine from the other breast for three whole days.  The public could drink as much wine as they wanted during those three days.  At some point in it's history, the statue was considered a bit of a bad influence so it was moved to a museum for a while before it found it's way to this location in more recent years.  Today it spews fresh water and passers-by can drink from it....if they dare.

In the canal in Treviso there are several sculptures that blend well with the water.  This one is of a mermaid who appears to be mimicking the pose of the statue above.

In different places you can see fish sculptures popping up out of the water too.


Elisabeth Firsching said...

Have been there several time, but this one I didn´t encouter yet. It´s very special and need to be put on the list for next visit. Thanks for posting Sharon!
Greetings from Austria

Andy said...

I got a laugh from the story of wine from boobs. How dumb can people be? Most people know that wine comes from bottles.

Birdman said...

Cool and a bit whimsical too.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love these Sharon.. like the 'if they dare'.. I can imagine quite a few dared :) J'adore the fish leaping out of the water, fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Very risque!

Catalyst/Taylor said...

I would drink the wine.