Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sphere Within a Sphere

The sculpture titled “Sphere Within a Sphere” by artist Armaldo Pomodoro sits in the courtyard area of the Vatican Museum.  Or should I say, one of the sculptures of that name is located there.  It was originally made for the Vatican but it seems the artist made many versions of this sculpture after the first was complete and you can find them all over the world in places as unlikely as the Des Moines Art Center and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.  There appear to be many artistic interpretations for sphere but none that I found actually voice the artist thoughts.  The one that seems to dominate is about how the world can be torn asunder with wars and disasters and it somehow comes back as a better and more fruitful place.  Let’s go with that description rather than the one that says it signifies how the world will be torn apart by technology.


Judy said...

I like the way you composed this.

Mersad said...

Definitely thought provoking sculpture.

Mersad Donko Photography

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks to be very popular, whatever the interpretation!